Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Last Day

ok - we have been so busy that finding the time to write is not so easy.

Today is our last day and we are heading out to Jazmin for the morning - hoping to be able to finish what we can there. Yesterday we were there with only 4 of the guys - Wilson and 3 others and we got a lot done. More on that later.

I also have loads of pictures to upload but that's also not so easy.....

We are both doing well - bed early, up early. It's an hour earlier here and we are usually up by 5:30, downstairs for breakfast by 6:30. And we usually leave for work around 8/8:30.

One small thing I should report - I have at least 28+ flea bites on my lower left leg and 21+ on my right leg. In fact there are so many I could go dot to dot and have an entire farm scene on my leg. Or better yet - I have the little dipper, the big dipper and at least a couple more constellations down there!

All I can say is yuck! Red dots everywhere....very attractive. But I have now been wiping my legs with Bounce Dryer Sheets - yes Bounce!- and I haven't gotten any new ones...Just makes you wonder what kind of chemicals you are walking around with on your clothes if you use those sheets in the dryer!

We are leaving here at 5:00 tomorrow morning - getting a ride with a guy from the hotel - Hector - to the airport. He speaks English so I made him promise he'd wait with us to make sure we checked in etc as I speak no Spanish. Actually I am surprising myself and am actually getting some of it - osmosis? not sure, but am feeling a little bit more comfortable with the language....if only this was French or German speaking.

Anyway - from San Pedro Sula we head to Miami, to Dulles (Wash DC) and then to Burlington. We'll arrive late Thursday night and I bet our luggage doesn't make it...but rather lost on the way home than on the way down here.

Can't wait to see everyone! Business as usual on Friday!!

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Michelle C Jordan said...

Safe Travels ... as it is still snowing here!!